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International Workshop-Seminar on "Liposome: From Theory to Practice"

Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied health Sciences (CIPT+) is scheduled to host an international workshop-seminar on "Liposome: From Theory to Practice" on 23rd & 24th January, 2010 at Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied health Sciences seminar hall, Uluberia, Howrah.
The name liposome is derived from two Greek words: 'Lipos' meaning fat and 'Soma' meaning body. A liposome can be formed at a variety of sizes as uni-lamellar or multi-lamellar construction, and its name relates to its structural building blocks, phospholipids, and not to its size. Liposomes are used for drug delivery due to their unique properties. A liposome encapsulates a region on aqueous solution inside a hydrophobic membrane; dissolved hydrophilic solutes cannot readily pass through the lipids. Hydrophobic chemicals can be dissolved into the membrane, and in this way liposome can carry both hydrophobic molecules and hydrophilic molecules. To deliver the molecules to sites of action, the lipid bilayer can fuse with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, thus delivering the liposome contents. By making liposomes in a solution of DNA or drugs (which would normally be unable to diffuse through the membrane) they can be delivered past the lipid bilayer. Further advances in liposome research have been able to allow liposomes to avoid detection by the body's immune system, specifically, the cells of reticuloendothelial system (RES). Targeted liposomes can target nearly any cell type in the body and deliver drugs that would naturally be systemically delivered. Naturally toxic drugs can be much less toxic if delivered only to diseased tissues. In this workshop an attempt has been made to highlight the recent development and its application for the benefit of mankind. The Souvenir published on this occasion is much sought after item and becomes archival materials for the delegates who attend.


The objective of the workshop-seminar is to provide an international flavour of Liposomal research with participation of renowned researchers from India & abroad. All the pharmacy professionals, educationalists, researchers & students will be empowered with the knowledge for the upliftment of their educational career. The workshops will aim to showcase the development in the field of phospholipids-liposome around the world and provide young pharma professionals in the training exposure to the field of liposomal research.


Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied health Sciences (CIPT+) under Bharat Consortium is a pioneer professional pharma Institution in Indian Pharma Education. CIPT+ and Bharat Technology are the allied colleges under the consortium with leading pharmaceutical educational infrastructure, producing pharmacy professionals for the benefit of mankind.

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